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Enabling sustainable cobalt industry
Empowering excellence in the industry

We strive to ensure that all cobalt mined, processed,
and used in end-products is sustainably sourced

With our solution, companies in the supply chain can account for every unit of cobalt in end-products and prove its provenance, motivating the whole industry to improve adherence to sustainability standards

Capturing cobalt journey from start to finish

Proving Provenance
Establishing provenance of the material. Enabling smooth and easy traceability of cobalt from the mine to the battery
Back to Basics
accounting for every unit of cobalt. Bags are signed, sealed and given a unique code to track along the supply chain
Tackling Product Transformation
by matching inputs with outputs on a mass balance principle and adjusting to continuous process specifics

Efficiency in due diligence

Connecting Supply Chains
Delivering technological solution to perform due diligence efficiently. Enabling smooth and easy traceability of cobalt from the mine to the battery
Best Practices
Integrating existing standards and audit programs (RMI, IRMA, CIRAF, and others). Each company has an option to indicate which standards they apply
Trust Through Technology
Ensuring that all the information on the platform can be trusted, complementing relevant audit reports with technologically enabled trust
First blockchain-powered
Q3 2019
Concept and prototype refinement with the industry
Q2 2020
Pilot on production sites in operating conditions
Q4 2020
Pilot and mvp
platform finalized
Q4 2021
Born inside the industry, our platform is designed for the industry – from the mine
to the electric car, uniting the leading players in the cobalt value chain

Having a head start as industry players, we want to make our vision come true
by realizing the solution together with others in the supply chain