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ReSource is the best-in-class traceability platform powered by blockchain technology ensuring provenance and continuous tracking of minerals, from mine to end-product. ReSource is industry-initiated and industry-led, uniting the major players in the battery supply chains — from large scale metal mines to producers of batteries used in electric vehicles (EV) and beyond.

How it all came about

At the root of ReSource, the founding companies wished to understand and demonstrate the origin of the minerals’ units used in the end products. ReSource was proposed in 2019 by multinational metals & mining companies Glencore, ERG, and CMOC to address visibility within the cobalt supply chain. Their expertise and experience in the minerals industry and blockchain technology allowed for the creation of a traceability platform that aims to link all users of these supply chains and provide real-time reliable data on origins of the minerals and sustainability performance data across the supply chain.

In 2021, we finished our first pilot project on multiple sites across the cobalt supply chain. An important milestone was our partnership with Tesla. The pilot is being tested in real operating conditions, from Tesla’s cobalt sources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to downstream EV production sites.

2022 was a year of full-scale implementation of ReSource at multiple sites globally. We also developed and refined our prototype of the battery passport, which includes information on material provenance, greenhouse gas emissions and human rights compliance, among other sustainability information.

ReSource currently works with the full cobalt supply chain, from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the EV producers. Among the companies that implement ReSource as a solution are CMOC, ERG, Glencore, LG, Tesla, Umicore, and more.

How ReSource Does It

The ReSource platform is designed to ensure provenance and traceability of minerals such as graphite, cobalt, lithium, manganese and nickel that are key ingredients in all EV batteries. All partners across the value chain can set up, monitor and report on sustainability data and material provenance, which is key for battery passports and regulatory compliance.

ReSource integrates a comprehensive set of sustainable mining and sourcing standards and frameworks, such as ICMM, RMI, IRMA, CIRAF1 and Copper Mark among others.

With ReSource, each partner can trace and account for the origins of each batch of mineral. The end-to-end collaboration between major industry players deploys various technologies, including blockchain, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and RFID, to link digital flows with physical material flows on the ground. All sustainability data across the supply chain is aggregated in a dashboard which provides actionable insights. Acquiring valuable data analytics is vital to the partner’s own business strategy, operations and compliance objectives.

We maintain business integrity by respecting commercially sensitive information with both a high level of data protection and customised disclosure settings.

Our belief is that supply chain transparency and reliability will increase only with collaboration of all actors of the supply chains. ReSource convenes stakeholders to continually shape dialogue and practices through an industry representative advisory board. We support the industry and its stakeholders’ evolving expectations.

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On A Mission To Make The Supply Chains of Minerals Transparent And Sustainable

ReSource’s mission is to guarantee the origin of minerals and make the supply chains of minerals sustainable. It is a blockchain-based traceability platform that continuously tracks minerals from start to finish, from source to end products. ReSource accelerates transparency and sustainability practices for the supply chains.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

ReSource was created to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals and help companies to improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) data collection and reporting.

ReSource assists in the transition to a greener economy. Electrification of transport plays an essential role in the transition to clean energy. The demand for EV batteries has skyrocketed over the past few years and this is only going to increase. Through ReSource’s digital platform, EV batteries ESG-data can be collected, monitored and reported on by all actors in the supply chains. In turn, these analytics can be used for setting goals for improvement. This brings transparency and aids sustainability goals across the EV batteries’ supply chains.

Environmental Sustainability

ReSource explores how aspects of the related GHG emissions along the value chain can be traced and disclosed.

Social Sustainability

ReSource facilitates the collection and reporting of the human rights data.


ReSource extends baseline compliance with existing regulations to encompass proactive monitoring and reporting of users’ operations. ReSource’s traceability solution provides analytics that helps businesses make decisions on business risk and reputation.

Our Values


We believe that trust is built when there is clear visibility, collaboration and responsibility amongst stakeholders in the supply chains.


We believe in inclusivity and work with all partners along the supply chains.


There are distinct challenges in our field, but we believe technology can boost new solutions to new problems.


ReSource stands for true collaboration, uniting all parties across the supply chain working together to elevate the industry’s standards.


We stand for reliable solutions. Blockchain technology has provenance built-in, while maintaining anonymity.

Meet our founders

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It is acknowledged that all activities are in respect of the preparation for the anticipated ReSource joint venture initiative (ReSource). Notwithstanding that, if ReSource is constituted, it will be a joint venture between multiple parties (including IXM, ERG and Glencore), its constitution is subject to global anti-trust approvals being granted. As such, until such time as ReSource is constituted, the joint venture partners in ReSource act individually only in relation to ReSource.