FAQ and Knowledge Database 

Welcome to our FAQ and knowledge database section. We’ve prepared more information for you in an easy-to-navigate-and-digest format. Want to know more? We’d be happy to speak with you directly regarding our blockchain-based traceability platform ReSource.

What is ReSource and what does it do?

ReSource is a digital platform for the traceability of minerals. It is powered by blockchain technology ensuring provenance and traceability of minerals—for example, battery minerals—from the mine to the electric vehicle (EV) battery.

For whom is ReSource meant?

ReSource is meant for all users of the supply chains of relevant minerals, from upstream to downstream companies.

Does using ReSource require to upskill my team?

ReSource has been designed with the user’s needs in mind. The interface is easy to navigate and integration is cross-platform. Most smartphones in the market are able to recognise QR tags and will only require minimal training.

Is ReSource easy to integrate with my existing tools?

ReSource is platform-agnostic so it is easily integrable in your workflow, tools and systems.

What are the overall benefits of working with ReSource?
From Inside Out

ReSource is an industry-initiated and industry-led platform, uniting all players in the supply chains of minerals. Understanding our own playing field is a decisive differentiator: ReSource is aware of all partners’ pain points, therefore able to go beyond what any tech provider from outside of the industry can offer.

EV Supply Chain Focus

ReSource is aware that the growing battery market is crucial for the energy transition and the low carbon economy. We focus on the needs of the EV battery supply chain and its critical minerals like graphite, cobalt, lithium, manganese and nickel.

Uniting The Industry

Initiated by the key players in the industry, ReSource connects the dots between the fragmented supply chains to create a unified link between all partners. We have a head start on understanding the existing issues and have collaborated with others throughout the supply chains of minerals to bring to fruition the ReSource digital platform.

Extensively Tested

ReSource has been successfully deployed across the supply chain of cobalt on multiple sites.

What are the specific benefits for midstream and upstream companies?
User-centric designed

The platform is designed centred around the user and available on desktop and handheld devices.


The ReSource platform and tracking setup is adaptable to the internal processes of specific sites.


ReSource comes with full-fledged implementation support and customer service.

Cost of compliance

There is reduced cost of compliance with regulations and client requirements by being a one-stop shop and standard agnostic.


The platform has advanced disclosure settings with high protection of confidential information. Sensitive information is only available to approved users.


ReSource is based on in-depth industry expertise with effective solutions for the first mile and high level of adaptation to the specific industry needs.

What are the specific benefits for downstream companies?
Purposely designed 

The platform is designed centred around the user and for the tracking of battery minerals.

Solution specific 

ReSource is tailor-made for the specific sites.

Real-time monitoring 

ReSource provides real-time data on materials’ sources and customised sustainability indicators (ESG dashboard) based on physical traceability.


Increased transparency and efficiency in sustainability data collection from upstream and midstream partners is a strong point of ReSource.


The platform has advanced disclosure settings with high protection of confidential information. Sensitive information is only available to approved users.


Based on blockchain technology, ReSource has no single point of failure, central authority, rendering data reliable and secure.


ReSource is based on in-depth industry expertise and tailored to industry specificities, and therefore, very reliable.

What does traceability bring to my company?
Proving Provenance

From the mine to electric-vehicle batteries and beyond, ReSource establishes minerals’ and enables it to be easily and effectively traced.

Traceability for Every Unit

Units are given a unique code that can be tracked along the supply chain with ReSource. 

Monitoring Product Transformation

ReSource plays a crucial role in following matching inputs with outputs on a mass balance approach and adjusting to process specifics. 

Connecting Supply Chains

ReSource is linking all supply chain players from the mine to electric-vehicle batteries and beyond.

Best Practice

ReSource integrates existing standards and audit programs.

Trust Through Technology

ReSource enables trustworthy information through the latest technology.

Good Governance

A change in approach that allows for capitalisation on opportunities brought by demand for source materials for the energy transition is needed. ReSource is strengthening practical implementation of existing policy principles, such as licensing, taxation and anticorruption.

Why is ReSource powered by blockchain technology?

ReSource accelerates traceability, transparency and sustainability practices for the supply chains of minerals.

Blockchain technology offers an unprecedented ability for traceability in the supply chain. Blockchain is essentially a digital ledger securely linked together using cryptography, with each block containing a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. Because each block will always contain information from the previous block, it creates a solid provenance trail that can be easily traced, but not easily manipulated.

The end-to-end collaboration going on between major industry players deploys various technologies, including blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proofs, to link digital flows with physical material flows on the ground.