How It All Came About

ReSource, will be a platform for the EV industry to provide physical tracking of battery metals and manage sustainability risks in a battery supply chain. ReSource is the only solution that announced plans to develop secure and reliable zero-knowledge proof of provenance of battery materials in compliance with both regulatory and commercial requirements. It will be developed by a founding consortium of CMOC, ERG, and Glencore [1] in partnership with industry leaders such as Cobalt Institute, Responsible Minerals Initiative, Tesla, and Umicore.

In 2021, we investigated the future concept of traceability platform on multiple sites across the cobalt supply chain. An important milestone was our announced partnership with Tesla. The pilot will be tested in real operating conditions, from Tesla’s cobalt sources in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to downstream EV production sites.

We also plan to develop and refine our prototype of the battery passport, which includes information on material provenance, greenhouse gas emissions and human rights compliance, among other sustainability information.

ReSource will work with the full cobalt supply chain, from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the EV producers. Among the companies that plan implement ReSource as a solution are ERG, Glencore, CMOC, Umicore, LG, Tesla and more.