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ReSource cements partnership with Tesla

August 12, 2021

ReSource will be a solution to trace responsibly produced cobalt from the mine to the electric vehicle, is proud to acknowledge the progress made by Tesla in implementing the pilot project across its supply chain. Further details can be found in Tesla’s Impact Report. Tesla has been a key partner in designing and implementing the solution, which was officially announced as an initiative on 20 May 2021, across its value chain since 2019.

The pilot is being tested in real operating conditions, from upstream cobalt production facilities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to downstream electric vehicle productions sites. Multiple on-site pilots have already commenced in the DRC and Europe, and plans are in place to commence further pilots in Asia and the US later this year. The final pilot across the entire Tesla supply chain is expected to take place in Q4 this year.

ReSource, will be a platform for the EV industry to provide physical tracking of battery metals and manage sustainability risks in a battery supply chain. ReSource is the only solution that announced plans to develop secure and reliable zero-knowledge proof of provenance of battery materials in compliance with both regulatory and commercial requirements. It will be developed by a founding consortium of CMOC, ERG, and Glencore [1] in partnership with industry leaders such as Cobalt Institute, Responsible Minerals Initiative, Tesla, and Umicore.

The Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and The Cobalt Institute (CI), two highly respected industry bodies with a deep understanding of the complexities involved in the cobalt supply chain, have also joined Re|Source as strategic advisors, supporting the implementation of world-class best practice standards across the pilot.

[1] It is acknowledged that all activities are in respect of the preparation for the anticipated ReSource joint venture initiative. Notwithstanding that, if ReSource is constituted, it will be a joint venture between multiple parties (including IXM, ERG and Glencore), its constitution is subject to global anti-trust approvals being granted. As such, until such time as ReSource is constituted, the joint venture partners in ReSource act individually only in relation to ReSource.

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